You have to be in a state of play to design anything
Paula Scher
It’s not where you take things from - it’s where you take them to.
Jean-Luc Godard

As I make a piece of jewelry, heating, forging the metal to give it shape, slowly adding to its inherent beauty, the thought that I could have lived at any time in human history and this process, these materials would be the same is both awesome and humbling.

Many others ancient and modern have practiced this craft, played with these tools and materials, sometimes elevating it to art, so that humankind could fill its universal need for self adornment. I love this playground and being a part of this ancient and timeless tradition. 

My work is organic in shape and process. Shapes that are meaningful to me are round; circles, spheres, eggs, spirals and paisleys.  I am a chronic doodler and these are my most persistent motifs and my jewelry designs reflect this.

I also enjoy making things that look "found," or "grown," not so much nature based or inspired as nature curious. 

What I enjoy most about my favorite pieces of jewelry is the way they feel when held or worn. I am a fidgety fiddler. It helps me think, helps me focus or daydream equally well. I strive to make jewelry that you will have to stop playing with to wear.

Have a look. I hope you find something that you just have to feel for yourself. 

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