Frequently asked questions

How do I care for my jewelry?

The metals that I use, copper, bronze, nickle and silver, will naturally patina over time. If your piece was bright and shiny when it arrived and that is how you want to keep it, you will need to use a silver polishing cloth on it. Yes, even the nickle, bronze and copper. If you like the natural patina process, don't polish it. Because patina (natural color change over time) is a natural process, keeping it out of the air when you're not wearing it is essential. As a rule, the more you wear a piece the less you need to polish it although it depends on your body chemistry and body heat. A jewelry box or any box will work, so will a plastic bag. If your piece came to you with a patina, or with color made by the flames, it has a wax coating on it that will keep the surface treatment that way for some time. If you polish or clean it in any way you will loose this color. Polishing cloth is really all you should ever use. If your piece has enamel, colored resin or a stone, please remove it before bathing or swimming. Chemicals in pools and in soaps and detergents can scratch and dull them.

Pendant Length

This chart illustrates how typical chain lengths will fall on the average person. We know that "actual size may vary", so to be certain, use a string, or measure your favorite chain/cord/etc., and don't forget that the pentant itself will add some length. Pendant size will be stated in the product desctiption. If the length you need is not standard, just let me know.