One of my favorite pieces.  While some can wear it as they would any ring, I wear mine up between my top and middle knuckles on my middle finger, though any finger will do. It supplies a bit of the unexpeted.  I wear one of mine most days, but if you are doing some heavy cleaning or at the gym or building a house, you may want to leave it home. BTW this little piece of urban armor totally rocks the hand jesture.


  • Knotted copper metal sheet, just for the badassery of it.
  • 5.5 ring size, the back is open so there is some wiggle room but dont expect to be able to open or close it.  Once you twist a knot in metal, it is extremely hard.
  • 1.99" or 50.6mm long
  • .75" wide so measure the lenth between your knuckles.

Copper Knot Ring